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Our goal is to create new, innovative products made of plastics starting from designing and ending with production. Our experienced and young professional staff enables us to fulfill all the requirements and guarantees that our services are always rendered on the highest level.

We are equipped with a professional devices for thermoforming and 3D milling. These technologies enable us to execute nearly any of your ideas in plastics. Our constructors will always do their best to transform all your guidelines and ideas into a final product. ABS, PS, PC, PET and PVC are materials which we most often use in order to provide our products with optimum technical, operational and aesthetical parameters.

Basing on the knowledge and experience of our constructors, we create individual elements (forms, blanking dies, stamping area reduction, etc.) for every product, and therefore we can obtain high quality product for a lower price.

MAXFORM S.C. Company was founded on 1st January 2009. Ever since then, our engineers have been developing innovative products made of plastics.

We look forward to improve our manufacturing forces, widen the range of our products, meeting new technologies and solutions available on the market, in order to execute the most complex projects and fulfill your requirements.



robotOne of our latest projects is a design and production of housing for a ROBOT taking care of the elderly and disordered people. This device enables to be in contact with our loved ones at home. MaxForm is the only company within our region which can be proud of having such a prestigious order in its portfolio.

Bodies for karts

gokartWe produce high-quality components for cart bodies – front spoiler covers acting as bumpers, steering column covers and side covers. We also accept special orders for untypical elements. Our products are highly valued in the market.

We equip karts with highly safe and fully enclosed shockproof bodies which guarantee safe and comfortable driving. Revolutionary design of the external body highly improves driver’s safety and prolongs life span of kart components.

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